First blog post

Cooking for one may not initially be fun – particularly if it’s not from choice.  However, we all have to eat and take care of ourselves and our diet is our first line of defence. Many recipes are for four or more and whilst you can cook and freeze or divide amounts, sometimes it doesn’t produce the same results.

With this blog, I hope to bring back the enjoyment of cooking with a weekly set of recipes. I shan’t use obscure ingredients, and if you have to buy a special pot of herbs or spice, I will make sure we use it all in that week.  I will use shortcuts when we can and will cover everything from breakfasts to mains to treats, with at least one thing in the week that you may not have thought of trying. I want you to enjoy exactly what you like best for every meal – and with confidence you may have find yourself doubling up recipes to invite your friends to share. So take time to read what will follow – pour yourself a glass of wine (aren’t screw top bottles wonderful?) – and look after YOU with some excellent food!


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