I’m Back!

Back from my hols!  A lovely break in Cape Verde – doing absolutely nothing but read, swim, sunbathe and eat good food!

Whilst the meals were always of  great quality (lots of fresh salads and fish particularly), the hotel we stayed in was obviously catering for a wide range of tastes and failed to hit the spice notes we like so I didn’t get to find any new recipes worth bringing back.  However, what I did note, was that they were very good at trying to minimise wastage which I thought we could look at it.

Whilst I am hoping to bring you recipes for one without all the maths involved halving even quartering ingredients, sometimes its just not possible so there will be food left over.  For instance, any big breakfast pancakes were used up at night filled with spinach and garlic with a cheese sauce on top; leftover bread was sliced, spread with butter and garlic (and sometimes cheese) and grilled alongside a salad dish; fresh fruit served whole one day appeared the next chopped up small in a fruit salad with yogurt. And, of course, any left over vegetables can easily be made into soups with stock, cream and herbs.

Hope you are enjoying the lovely sunny day – cold but bright keeps away the flu bugs. Blue skies always make me smile and comfort Sunday tomorrow should warm you up!

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