If music be the FOOD of love . . . .

I love my kitchen. It’s warm and inviting and hopefully filled with all sorts of lovely smells.  If I had my bed in it, I would probably never leave!  I don’t have TV though as it’s also a place where I read the newspaper and books and listen to music.

So I thought I would give you a small selection of what I put on my ipod and play whilst I am cooking – my Desert Island Discs – 8 in all but only 4 today.

My favourite of all time is Maggie May by Rod Stewart.  Love dancing to it, love cooking to it.  When I started nursing in 1971 this had just come out.  My friend and I lived in the nurses home – and we had to be in by 11.00pm or we were locked out!  We had been out with some friends and this came up on the car radio – and listening to it took us over the curfew!  We managed to wake someone up and climbed up the drain pipe to her window.  However, apparently we were seen and reported and we had to confess to the Matron!


Just after I met my husband we managed to get tickets for the Cambridge Folk Festival where James Taylor was playing.  It was the perfect weekend music and weather wise and I fell in love with John,  listening to James Taylor.

This one always makes me think of my youngest daughter, Alice, when she left home to live in London – and still can make me cry!

This is my older daughter’s favourite.  My husband and his band recently did a charity concert – and this was definitely the star of the show!  Shall always remember her dancing to this!

I’ll post my other four with a recipe or two – in the meanwhile get thinking about what music makes you happy – and you’ll love being in the kitchen even more!

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