Celebration 3

Image may contain: 2 people, including Pat Brompton, people smiling, people sitting

On a personal note, The Husband and I would like to tell you of another celebration this weekend.  Our very special friends, Ralph (Brom) and his wife Pat are celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary, 26th January.  Forty years ago today it was neither haggis nor noodles on their mind but wedding cake and champagne and we would like to wish them all the best (and their amazing family) and much love for the next 40 years (by which time the Brompton family will probably have taken over the whole of Loughborough)!

One thought on “Celebration 3

  1. This is just lovely! You two are our dear friends and we feel honoured to be included in your blog. We have enjoyed so many of your fabulous meals over the years. We are proud to be your friends and we love you so much. Ralph (Brom) and Pat xxx


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