A little extra . . .

Here, in England, we all thought come 2 December we would be out of our lockdown and at least be able to mix with a few friends in our homes.  However, it is not to be and time crawls on towards a vaccine and freedom!

So I just thought I would post a little extra to this week’s blog and give you a very quick and easy recipe my lovely son-in-law, Ben, sent me.  It’s a little bit of frivolous nothing – but what’s wrong with that today?  

Big Ben’s Ice Cream (it’s in measures so you can make as much or little as you like, just keep in proportion)

  • A measure of mascarpone
  • A measure of yogurt
  • a big squeeze of golden syrup
  • a big squeeze of honey
  • a little sprinkling of salt

Mix it all up together in an ice cream maker or freeze, churning every half hour till soft.

He says it’s brilliant with fruit salad, chopped pistachios and fresh mint. Best thing is that it doesn’t last well in the freezer – so just make and eat it ALL. Sharing is not obligatory!

Vanilla ice-cream with fruit salad dressing recipe Recipe | Good Food

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